Automne Gourmand

An Omni roast coffee is a mix perfect for espresso, cafetieres or other methods of preparation

Country: Mix of Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Sumatra

Roast level: 5

Flavour intensity : 6

Acidity : 5

Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, blueberries, caramel, pear and green apple

100% arabica




Our first roast Omni coffee is the perfect blend for coffee makers and the like. The Ethiopian coffee brings incredible aromas of milk chocolate and blueberry to this blend. The Costa Rican touch adds beautiful flavours of pear caramel and green apple. The Sumatran beans then complete the blend with dark chocolate notes that give the coffee a richer and deeper flavour.

A tasty coffee you'll find deliciously satisfying at any point in the day.

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100g (2,90€), 200g (5,80€), 300g (8,70€), 350g (10.15€), 400g (11,60€), 500g (14.50€), 600g (17,40€), 700g (20.30€), 750g (21.75€)

Grind type

En grain, Espresso, Cafetière italien, Filtre Papier, Cafetière piston

Type de pot

J'en ai déjà un, Achter un petit +€5,50, Achter un grand +€6,95

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