Indonesia, Sumatra Éco

Roast level : 7/7

Flavour intensity : 6/7

Acidity : 2/7

Country ; Indonesia, Sumatra

Town / Region : Humbang Hasunduntan Sub-district, Sigumpar Village

Altitude : 1,400m – 1,500m

Variety : Jember, Lasuna, Onan Ganjang, Sigarar Utang

Processing Method : Wet Hulled

Tasting notes : Four spice, sweet

100% arabica coffee




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Our Sumatran coffee is very much in keeping with coffees from this part of Indonesia. We have roasted it dark and created a hearty, almost spicy coffee with notes of four spices and a very slight sweetness. With very little acidity to this Sumatran coffee, you will find it is an excellent coffee to wake you up in the morning!

Owing to it's strength and depth of flavour we highly recommend this coffee as a plain espresso or as the espresso base for a milk based coffee drink where you want to clearly taste a good coffee flavour coming through.

Additional information


100g (2,75€), 200g (5,50€), 300g (8,25€), 350g (9,63€), 400g (11,00€), 500g (13,75€), 600g (16,50€), 700g (19,25€)

Grind type

En grain, Espresso, Cafetière italien, Filtre Papier, Cafetière piston

Type de pot

J'en ai déjà un, Achter un petit +€5,50, Achter un grand +€6,95

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