Our approach

You’ve heard of a “wine connoisseur”: right? People who talk about how “round” their last bottle of Chateau XXXX was, but have you ever heard of coffee connoisseurs? Well, we at Contrebande Bean, believe that coffee is just like wine: diverse, rich, and distinctive.

Every cup of coffee is a unique experience, a balance of pleasure and revelation. Discovering coffee is our passion, and we aim to share our passion with you.

We start by hand selecting the finest quality speciality coffees from all over the world. Then we roast and grind our beans in our Léguevin workshop every week, in small batches, in order to offer you the freshest, most exceptional coffee experience.

We also prioritise our local community. We handpick the highest quality partners to sell our products and we remain focused on providing and improving local services. We offer local delivery and collection to customers and partners, in order to maintain our high freshness and quality standards. We also share our love and experience with customers by holding regular tasting and cupping workshops and activities.

At Contrebande Bean, we take a very inquisitive approach to discovering the world of coffee we occupy and we revel in the opportunity to explore and share this world with our fellow coffee connoisseurs.

Our Promises

  • We will always deliver the freshest coffee possible
  • Will will roast weekly and focus on maintaining the freshness of our coffee (green and roasted)
  • We will never sell coffee more than six weeks after it is roasted
  • We will regularly change our coffees (but we will endeavour to keep similar popular coffees profiles in stock)
  • We will always look for exciting new products to bring to our customers


  • We will teach and we will learn
  • We will seek out opportunities in new and unexpected places

  • We will always work towards inclusivity
  • Human and environmental ethics will always guide our decision making.

Quality Focused
  • We will always work to improve the coffee experiences of our customers, partners and communities.
  • We will always look for ways to improve as a business and as humans

Open Mindedness
  • We actively seek out new ways to change and improve
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