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Mélanges de café

Yann's blend Eco 2024

Omni roast blend

A fruity, punchy coffee with sweet honey tones.

Contrebande Blend eco 2024

Espresso blend

Un mélange délicieux et riche, plein de corps et de profondeur. Absolument parfait comme espresso pur ou mélangé à votre boisson de café mélangé préférée.

Café décaféiné

Colombia, Sugarcane Decaf

A delicious, medium roasted coffee with hints of plum, nuts, milk chocolate and apple.

Light roasted coffees

Colombia Eco 2023


Roasted to develop the natural aromas of apple, dark chocolate and caramel, this coffee is naturally mild and very easy to drink.

Burundi, Gahahe

A light medium roast offering strong berry notes accompanied by floral characteristics and intense natural sweetness.

Medium roasted coffees

Brazil Eco

Brazil, Cascavel Vermelha

Smooth and nutty with a peachy sweetness. This Brazilian coffee will be an excellent addition to your day.

India Eco 2023


With fabulous chocolate and almond overtones, this coffee is balanced out nicely with hints of brown sugar and dried fruit.

Guatemala, Tzikin Huehuetenango

A delicious coffee with a nice, rounded profile and a pleasant sweetness. This Guatemalan coffee has notes of grapes, apples, almonds and chocolate. Perfect coffee to drink in the morning and throughout the day.

Ethiopia, Sidamo

Riche et délicieux.  Ce café éthiopien onctueux vous ravira tout au long de la journée !

Dark roasted coffees


Indonesia, Sumatra

Almost spicy coffee with notes of four spices and a very slight sweetness. With very little acidity to this Sumatran coffee, you will find it is an excellent coffee to wake you up in the morning!

Rwanda ECO 2024

Rwanda, Isimbe

Dark roasted and rich with light notes of lemon and raspberry. A delicious and distinct morning roast.

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