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Mélanges de café

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Omni roast blend

Smooth, velvety and delicious. Combining the best of our Tanzanian, Mexican and Brazilian coffees, this espresso blend is full-bodied and robust.

Café décaféiné

Colombia, Sugarcane Decaf

A delicious, medium roasted coffee with hints of plum, nuts, milk chocolate and apple.

Light roasted coffees

Burundi web new


A light roast, with an intensely fruity flavour. With hints of pink grapefruit, blood orange and smooth chocolate, this coffee has a pleasantly balanced feeling in your mouth, while offering a surprisingly intense flavour.

Colombia Eco 2023


Torréfié pour développer les arômes naturels de pomme, de chocolat noir et de caramel, ce café est naturellement doux et très facile à boire.

Medium roasted coffees

Brazil Eco

Brazil, Cascavel Vermelha

Smooth and nutty with a peachy sweetness. This Brazilian coffee will be an excellent addition to your day.

India Eco 2023


With fabulous chocolate and almond overtones, this coffee is balanced out nicely with hints of brown sugar and dried fruit.

Guatemala, Tzikin Huehuetenango

A delicious coffee with a nice, rounded profile and a pleasant sweetness. This Guatemalan coffee has notes of grapes, apples, almonds and chocolate. Perfect coffee to drink in the morning and throughout the day.

Mexico, El Triunfo Chiapas

With prominent flavours of caramel and dark chocolate and nuances of sweet apple, this coffee will be easily enjoyed in most homes.

Burundi, Gahahe

Une torréfaction moyenne légère qui offre de fortes notes de baies accompagnées de caractéristiques florales et d’une grande douceur naturelle.

Dark roasted coffees

Tanz 3 eco

Tanzania, Ol Doniyo

Une café torréfié foncé, corsé, riche et moelleux avec des notes de pommes vertes, de thé noir et une légère saveur de pêche.


Indonesia, Sumatra

Almost spicy coffee with notes of four spices and a very slight sweetness. With very little acidity to this Sumatran coffee, you will find it is an excellent coffee to wake you up in the morning!

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