Coffret AeroPress Go Eco

Do you have a loved one who struggles with making good coffee themselves? Are you looking for a gift that will allow them to make awesome coffee at home, without spending hundreds (or thousands!) on a high-end machine? The AeroPress Go gift package is your solution!




L’AeroPress Go est une cafetière à piston nomade géniale. Contrairement à l’AeroPress classique, l’AeroPress Go est accompagné de sa propre tasse nomade.  Le piston, les filtres, la cuillère doseuse et l’agitateur se rangent parfaitement dans  sa tasse nomade. Ce cadeau est accompagné d’une sélection de cafés afin de réaliser un café de qualité en moins d’une minute.

The AeroPress Go works by adding ground coffee directly into the chamber, pouring hot water over the top, giving it a quick stir then pressing it through into the AeroPress Go mug.

In our experience, the AeroPress offers one of the quickest and most delicious coffees around. It’s so good, we regularly offer AeroPress coffees in markets and our pop-up cafes! The coffee is always a hit without our customers and the AeroPress Go itself is a great talking point!

Included in this AeroPress Go package is:

  • AeroPress Go kit (including the Aeropress, filters, stir stick, measuring spoon and travel cup)
  • un petit Eco Pot et 350 g de café Contrebande Bean, fraichement moulu, mouture à préciser lors de la commande
  • un filtre AeroPress réutilisable

Les commandes passées avant le 17 décembre 2021 seront emballées gratuitement pour Noël !

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