Sugarcane Decaf

Roast level: 5

Flavour intensity : 4

Acidity : 4

Pays : Colombia Decaf

Domaine / Région : Cauca, Tolima, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero

Altitude : 1,400m –2,100m

Variété : Various

Méthode de traitement : Sugarcane Decaf

Notes de dégustation : Chocolat au lait, prunes, noix, pommes

100% arabica coffee




A delicious decaffeinated coffee with flavors of plum, nuts, milk chocolate and apple. If you're struggling to find a decaffeinated coffee that you find tasty and satisfying, this coffee is a must-have. A nice medium roast, you will find this coffee well rounded, with hints of acidity that work wonderfully as an espresso or in your coffee maker.

This coffee has undergone (at the farm level) a decaffeination process called "sugar cane decaffeination", but what does that mean exactly?
Coffees that undergo the sugar cane decaffeination process go through the following steps:
1. Steam treatment. The first step was to expose the bean to a steam treatment to open the membranes of the bean and facilitate the future extraction of caffeine.
2. Extraction. The bean is immersed in an ethyl acetate solution, which is a selective caffeine extractor. The caffeine contained in the coffee bean will then migrate to the liquid solvent, which will be transported to another tank. At this stage, the caffeine-laden ethyl acetate will be filtered and fed back to the process to extract new caffeine from the bean, until 0.01% residual caffeine is reached.
3. Pure caffeine is separated.
4. Drying. The drying process is carried out in vacuum dryers, which allows rapid and even drying
5. Cooling silo, silo with ventilation that seeks to lower the temperature and prevent the coffee from losing moisture
6. Polishing the grain

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100g (2,90€), 200g (5,80€), 300g (8,70€), 350g (10.15€), 400g (11,60€), 500g (14.50€), 600g (17,40€), 700g (20.30€), 750g (21.75€)

Grind type

En grain, Espresso, Cafetière italien, Filtre Papier, Cafetière piston

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