Le Friendly Espresso

Le Friendly Espresso

Espresso blend

Pays : mélange de Brazil, Colombia, Sumatra

Roast level: 5

Flavour intensity : 6

Acidity : 4

Notes de dégustation : Chocolat noir, douce et sucrée de noisette et de pralines, d’orange sanguine




Our Friendly Espresso is our first house espresso blend. It is is a full bodied and flavorful blend of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Sumatra. The Sumatran brings a heavy body with undertones of dark chocolate while the Brazilian contributes a smoother and sweeter note of hazelnuts and pralines. The coffee rounds out nicely thanks to the Colombian beans and their light fruity notes of blood orange. This is an excellent medium dark espresso blend that works well for espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Additional information

Bag size

80g (3,25€), 200g (5,85€), 500g (14,30€)

Grind type

En grain, Espresso, Cafetière italien, Filtre Papier, Cafetière piston

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