Ethiopia Éco

Roast level : 2/7

Flavour intensity : 6/7

Acidity : 4/7

Country : Ethiopia

Town / Region: Agaro town, Funtule kebele, Goma District

Altitude : 1,850m – 1,950m

Variety: JARC varieties, Local Landraces

Processing Method : Natural

Notes de dégustation : Myrtille, chocolat, ribena

100% arabica coffee




Our Ethiopian coffee is one of the most wonderful distinct coffees you will ever drink! It is a smooth combination of milk chocolate, blueberries and sweet blackcurrants (ribena!). We've roasted it light to maintain the very distinct and easily identifiable fruity notes, but we've kept it in the roaster long enough to tone down the acidity a bit and develop more of it's velvety chocolate flavours.

Ethiopian coffees have an excellent reputation for their depth and complexity and this coffee is no exception. It's unique, delicious and very satisfying.

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100g (2,75€), 200g (5,50€), 300g (8,25€), 350g (9,63€), 400g (11,00€), 500g (13,75€), 600g (16,50€), 700g (19,25€), 750g (20,63€)

Grind type

En grain, Espresso, Cafetière italien, Filtre Papier, Cafetière piston

Type de pot

J'en ai déjà un, Achter un petit +€5,50, Achter un grand +€6,95

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